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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Working at a Nonprofit

People unfamiliar with employment in the nonprofit avenue might wonder what drives a choice to engage in charitable work. They might question what career advantages could exist in a field which appears to swap financial stability and potential advancement for a state of static altruism. Some may even consider charitable work an idealistic spider web, it’s organizers too caught up… Read more →

ADD/ADHD and Parenthood

There is a reason that if you walk through any bookstore or peruse the internet for how-to guides, you’ll find countless books on parenting. Perhaps more specifically, you’ll find books on motherhood, mothering, how to be a good mother, how not to be a bad mother, and so on and so forth. The reason, of course, is because raising a… Read more →

Nonprofit Myths and Misconceptions

  “Working at a nonprofit? Don’t you mean volunteering?”   This phrase and many like it continue to be thrown out there time and time again, as the apparent confusion and misunderstandings of an entire sector somehow still prevail to this day.   According to an article published in the NonProfit Times in 2014, volunteering numbers are dropping steadily across… Read more →