Exploring the Mompreneur


Can a woman be both a mother and an entrepreneur?


Apparently they can. Over the years, this growing-in-popularity slang term describes women who can run their own businesses while still maintaining their role as a full-time parent. The growth of the internet and e-commerce has played a big role in allowing mothers to become entrepreneurs, as it allowed women to sell products from home rather than relying on travelling to a storefront.


This type of work provides the flexibility moms often need to earn a living while completing usual family obligations like driving the kids to soccer practice or running to the grocery store. Usually moms work during the time when their children don’t require much attention, like when they’re in school or at theatre rehearsal.


Oftentimes if you think of a business woman, you usually think that they put their career first and don’t have kids — but it’s actually the best of both words. Mothers can make up their own hours while still going through the daily motions of life. In addition, sometimes mompreneur’s own children can serve as business inspiration to solve real-world problems most other mothers have as well.


Here are a few mompreneurs who took control of their professional lives by creating products and services that eased the stress of both their everyday lives and ours.


Barbara Edelstein, co-founder of Partyology


Partyology assists with the party planning process by discovering and saving creative ideas from all over the internet. Instead of spending a lot of time surfing the web, Partyology provides users with lists of unique party goods that are available for purchase.


“After planning so many birthday parties, the idea to create Partyology came from my desire to streamline the party-planning process without compromising that professional look we all want,” said Edelstein. “Without being a mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Allison O’Kelly, founder and CEO, Mom Corps


Mom Corps, along with other divisions such as Crops Search and Corps Advisory, is a professional staffing agency. “I love that I can set my own schedule, even though it’s a crazy one,” said O’Kelly. I operate on a 24-hour clock where I fit in all facets of my life. Some days look more traditional, 9-to-5-ish, and others flip-flop all day between work and personal responsibilities.”


Melissa Lanz, founder and CEO of The Fresh 20

As a mom of two toddlers working nearly 70 hours a week, Melissa rarely ate dinner with her kids and didn’t have time to cook. She tried buying fresh produce to encourage healthy eating, but it often went bad before they were used. “I got tired of the waste in my refrigerator at the end of the week,” said Lanz. I got tired of not having a plan.”


When Melissa couldn’t find a healthy menu-planning service online, she started her own. The Fresh 20 is a healthy menu-planning service complete with a shopping list and recipes for five dinners. All recipes are interrelated, which saves time and prevents waste.