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As a First Generation US Citizen Trump’s Immigration Halt Should Alarm You

My name is Carole Argo. I am a first-generation citizen of the United States of America, and I belong here. My mother was an immigrant from the Philippines. She was born and raised there, and could still call the Philippines home throughout her life. It was, for a good bit of her life, her home. And then, like millions of… Read more →

Dead Voters Should be the Least of our Worries

If you listen to the virulent rhetoric of people like Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly and a good chunk of the far-right, voter fraud is a huge, huge problem, jeopardizing the integrity of this country’s democracy. It will be the inevitable downfall of our country’s voting system and, of course, our democracy.   Voter suppression, on the other hand, is largely… Read more →

2016 Rock the Vote: A Historical Look at the Women Who Fought Our Right to Vote

American women’s history has been full of pioneers: Women who fought for their rights, worked hard to be treated equally and made great strides in fields like science, politics, sports, literature and art. These are just a few of the remarkable accomplishments that historians and other people across the United States celebrate.  Yet, despite this progress, gender inequality in the United States… Read more →