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In today’s day and age, who you are matters. On top of that, it matters not just who you are, but who others think you are. If you work in biomedical science that’s amazing, and undoubtedly took you years of arduous study, hours of your face in textbooks studying and countless amounts of money and dedication on your behalf. But until you’ve got an established online presence, to the masses, you’re no one.

Establishing a strong online brand helps make you who you are in the public eye. The benefits of establishing and maintaining this brand are palpable; you’ll see an increase in confidence, in credibility and even perhaps increased job prospects and career aptitude.

As an established profession or a younger person looking to break into a new field, building a brand can’t be ignored. Here are a few tips to getting started.


Identify Who You Are

There’s no other way to get started when it comes to personal branding–you first need to determine who you are and how you want to be seen. If you want to be an influencer in the field of marketing, focus solely on that. Dive into your marketing background and determine how you can best highlight the achievements you’ve already made in the field and those that may be forthcoming.

On the other hand, if you’re younger, this process won’t be guided by what you have achieved so far, but rather by what you hope to achieve. Let your major or your future career help determine how you’ll build your personal brand.


Build Your Online Presence

Your online presence will dictate how you’re seen in the age of the internet. Social media properties are the backbone of your online presence–make sure you’ve got a strong presence on properties like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. These free platforms allow you to help guide those who interact with you to finding your personal brand, discovering that you post about marketing and labeling you as a marketing pro.


Start a Blog

Getting a free WordPress or Blogger blog are an easy and effective way to build your personal brand online. Write about what you know–if you’re in marketing (or want to be), focus on that. Write about your own experiences, what you’ve learned, what you hope to accomplish and where you are in your career. If you’ve built an audience, blogs can be an effective means of bringing attention to your personal brand and who you are.


Keep Learning

This might be the most important step of all. You can identify your personal brand, increase your online presence, start your own blog and keep engaged with the community, but if you stagnate, all is for naught. You must keep learning throughout your career–make it your mission to better yourself and your brand throughout your professional life.



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Carole Argo is a business professional currently located in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a background in finance, management and nonprofits.