Dead Voters Should be the Least of our Worries

If you listen to the virulent rhetoric of people like Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly and a good chunk of the far-right, voter fraud is a huge, huge problem, jeopardizing the integrity of this country’s democracy. It will be the inevitable downfall of our country’s voting system and, of course, our democracy.   Voter suppression, on the other hand, is largely… Read more →

Negotiating Your Salary Effectively

The hardest part is over now; you secured an interview with the company of your dreams, blew away your interviewer in all three parts of the hiring process, and heard back from the company saying they’d love to bring you on. Now it’s time to negotiate the terms including the dreaded salary discussion. And you thought the most stressful part… Read more →

People With Disabilities Want Respect, Employment

Inclusivity shouldn’t be a difficult ideal to come to terms with. It shouldn’t be a far-off, fever dream relegated to the realm of the “what if” and “maybe some day” lines of thinking. Inclusivity isn’t even something that we should be striving for–it’s something that should have been accomplished long, long ago. Inclusivity should be a reality today; serving as… Read more →

Five Memoirs by Successful Women

  I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai     This memoir follows Malala’s journey from Pakistan to the UN where she speaks on women’s rights and education. She’s a Pakistani activist for women’s right to an education. Malala was the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, recognized for her work on women’s rights. As a young girl, she wrote an anonymous… Read more →

Web Tools for New Businesses

Starting your business isn’t easy–nor should it be. When an aspiring entrepreneur is digging his or her boots into the group and putting his or her passion into action, you wouldn’t expect it to come easily. Starting a new business means breaking into a new sector, fixing a new need or finding a better way to do something that helps… Read more →

What Barriers Must a Woman Break to Gain Notoriety?

While women around the nation–and around the world–continue to fight tooth and nail for equality, there continues to be dirt kicked in our faces from some of those who are in the highest positions of power in the country. Despite some claiming that feminism is more about complaining and bashing men than it is empowering women, there remains a need… Read more →

Four Industry Journals You Should Read

  Where do you get your breaking news from? What about business news, or financial tips, and industry insights. If you’re still relying on websites like Buzzfeed or Facebook for those ever-so-easily duplicated and often improperly-sourced articles about big business, you might want to rethink that. Instead of reading articles that are often crowd-sourced or written by people who are… Read more →

Nonprofit Myths and Misconceptions

  “Working at a nonprofit? Don’t you mean volunteering?”   This phrase and many like it continue to be thrown out there time and time again, as the apparent confusion and misunderstandings of an entire sector somehow still prevail to this day.   According to an article published in the NonProfit Times in 2014, volunteering numbers are dropping steadily across… Read more →