Exploring the Mompreneur

Can a woman be both a mother and an entrepreneur?   Apparently they can. Over the years, this growing-in-popularity slang term describes women who can run their own businesses while still maintaining their role as a full-time parent. The growth of the internet and e-commerce has played a big role in allowing mothers to become entrepreneurs, as it allowed women… Read more →


Why Department Stores are Failing

The start of the new year typically brings about excitement, positive change, and rejuvenation for everyone. But it certainly seems like 2017 is not shaping up well for many of the nation’s once-popular department stores.   With just a few days into the new year, Macy’s and Sears Holding, the parent company of Sears and K-Mart, both announced a wave… Read more →


How to Continue Your Education for Free

It’s irony at its finest, with a tragic twist: in a world where the price of ignorance is countless suffering, our forays into higher learning often rack up astronomical student debt. In many fields, college-level knowledge and beyond are practically prerequisites for success, but steep tuition costs render diving headfirst into post-grad education a risky prospect. Luckily for cash-strapped students,… Read more →


As a First Generation US Citizen Trump’s Immigration Halt Should Alarm You

My name is Carole Argo. I am a first-generation citizen of the United States of America, and I belong here. My mother was an immigrant from the Philippines. She was born and raised there, and could still call the Philippines home throughout her life. It was, for a good bit of her life, her home. And then, like millions of… Read more →

The Fight For Gender Equality Isn’t Close to Over

  This instant, roughly half of people living in many parts of the globe crumble under widespread dehumanization, simply because some people born with one pattern of physical characteristics believe those traits somehow engender superiority, and grant them power over anyone with opposing features. If we could see thousands, or millions of places at once, we would witness thousands, if… Read more →

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Working at a Nonprofit

People unfamiliar with employment in the nonprofit avenue might wonder what drives a choice to engage in charitable work. They might question what career advantages could exist in a field which appears to swap financial stability and potential advancement for a state of static altruism. Some may even consider charitable work an idealistic spider web, it’s organizers too caught up… Read more →

The Best States for Business

When you’re looking to break into a new industry or open a new business, there is a lot to consider. You have to ensure that your business plan, from top to bottom, is nearly flawless. You have to ensure the industry that you’re entering is ripe for new business and that your product or service will fill a gap and… Read more →

Choosing a Location for Your Business

Starting a new business isn’t something that happens overnight. Building not only a business, but a successful business takes an awfully large amount of careful consideration. Everything must be meticulously planned from top to bottom. I’ve already written in the past about some great tools to get your new business started, but before you’re tracking conversion rates or traffic sources… Read more →

Building Your Personal Brand

  In today’s day and age, who you are matters. On top of that, it matters not just who you are, but who others think you are. If you work in biomedical science that’s amazing, and undoubtedly took you years of arduous study, hours of your face in textbooks studying and countless amounts of money and dedication on your behalf.… Read more →

ADD/ADHD and Parenthood

There is a reason that if you walk through any bookstore or peruse the internet for how-to guides, you’ll find countless books on parenting. Perhaps more specifically, you’ll find books on motherhood, mothering, how to be a good mother, how not to be a bad mother, and so on and so forth. The reason, of course, is because raising a… Read more →